Hemorrhoids Treatment Program

A Doctor Discussion : Regaining An Active Lifestyle

The Hemorrhoids Treatment Program is aimed at empowering hemorrhoids sufferers with education on disease state/condition, symptom recognition and treatment options.

Marketing Tactics
By leveraging highly engaging video testimonials, the campaign is intended to provide sufferers with valuable education and raise awareness regarding treatment options, which might be more lasting than the typical creams, ointments, bath and other topical treatments.

Patient Testimonial Videos
A Patient’s Journey
Addresses sufferers long standing frustration and despair in the futility of topical treatment options (e.g., creams, ointments, baths, etc.) and the desire to regain one’s active lifestyle. The video is intended to create a sense of community among fellow sufferers that they are not alone.

A Patient’s Success Story
Highlights the successful outcome of a surgical procedure to treat her
long standing condition. Finally, she has regained her independence and her active lifestyle.

Doctor Testimonial Video
A Doctor’s Perspective
In his own words, a gastroenterologist provides valuable insights regarding the condition, treatment options and general statistics on hemorrhoids incidence.