The Houston Colonoscopy Center

Houston Colonoscopy Center

The Houston Colonoscopy Center campaign comprises of both consumer and point-of-care marketing tactics:


  • Website (
  • Local online directories (Yelp, Yahoo Local Directory, Google Local Directory,, etc.)
  • Vanity toll-free numbers (1-855-MD-Colon, 1-855-TX-Colon, 1-855-H0ust0n)
  • Paid search (Google, MSN, Yahoo)

Point-of-Care (Primary Care Physicians)

  • Referral coordinators
  • Patient referral cards
  • Patient fax referral forms

Primary clinical focus: colonoscopy; secondary: hemorrhoids; tertiary: other colorectal treatment procedures

Desired Key Actions

  • Content consumption/engagement
  • Increased awareness on importance of colonoscopies and treatment options for hemorrhoids
  • Requesting more information, resulting in conversion (procedure)
  • Raising brand equity for The HCC, The MicroSurgery Institute
Success Metrics

  • # of website visitors
  • # of leads from:
    • Online: website, search
    • Offline: referral coordinator, fax, card
  • # of conversions
  • Cost/conversion

Marketing Tactics