Treatment for Nerve Entrapment

Treatment for Nerve Entrapment


Nerve decompression is the process of releasing the abnormal pressure or pinching of nerves that causes pain, burning and other symptoms in the foot, heel or ankle.

At The MicroSurgery Institutes of Dallas and Houston, we specialize in one of the most advanced procedures to treat painful nerve entrapment of the foot and leg. Highly trained specialists can accurately diagnose and if needed, perform this groundbreaking procedure which releases the pressure, or “decompresses” the entrapped nerve for long-term relief of your painful symptoms. Performed on thousands of patients worldwide with excellent results, this cutting-edge procedure represents a major improvement in the treatment of chronic foot and ankle pain when other traditional treatments have failed.

Marketing Objectives

  • Education on nerve entrapment
  • Recognition of symptoms
  • Education on availability of advance procedures to decompress entrapped nerves
  • Empowering patients to have productive dialogues with treatment professionals


Marketing Tactics

Northstar has identified the following marketing mix as part of its communication strategy to reach its target audience of highly symptomatic undiagnosed and diagnosed patients suffering from nerve entrapment. The integrated marketing campaign (which is still active) was launched in Fall of 2011, in the Dallas and Houston, Texas markets.


  • TV commercial
  • Point-of-care marketing (Referral cards)
  • Call center/relationship management


  • Paid search
  • Website